Unified Framework of Professional Ethics for Security Professionals


Perform duties in accordance with existing laws, exercising the highest moral principles.

    * Refrain from activities that would constitute a conflict of interest
    * Act in the best interests of stakeholders consistent with public interest
    * Act honorably, justly, responsibly, and legally in every aspect of your profession.


Perform all duties in a fair manner and without prejudice

    * Exercise independent professional judgment, in order to provide unbiased analysis and advice.
    * When an opinion is provided, note it as opinion rather than fact.

Professional Competence and Due Care

Perform services diligently and with professionalism

    * Act with diligence and promptness in rendering service.
    * Render only those services for which you are fully competent and qualified.
    * Ensure that work performed meets the highest professional standards. Where resource constraints exist, ensure that your work is both  correct and complete within those limits. If, in your professional judgment, resources are inadequate to achieve an acceptable outcome, so inform clients and principals.
    * Be supportive of colleagues, and encourage their professional development. Recognize and acknowledge the contributions of others, and respect the decisions of principals and co-workers.
    * Keep stakeholders informed regarding the progress of your work.
    * Refrain from conduct which would damage the reputation of the profession, or the practice of colleagues, clients, and employers.
    * Report ethical violations to the appropriate governing body in a timely manner.
    * Participate in learning throughout your career, to maintain the skills necessary to function effectively as a member of the profession.


Respect and safeguard confidential information and exercise due care to prevent improper disclosure.

    * Maintain appropriate confidentiality of proprietary and otherwise confidential information encountered in the course of professional activities, unless such action would conceal, or result in, the commission of a criminal act, is otherwise required by law, or is authorized by the principal.



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